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Armourcoat high quality, decorative plaster finishes are designed to give lasting results on internal walls, ceilings or columns.

Made from appropriate gypsum or cement bases blended with lime, marble dust and natural stone aggregate, they are coloured with natural pigments chosen for stability and ultra violet degradation resistance. Oil, soap and wax treatments extend the range of tones and effects still further.

Armourcoat polished hard plasters are individually blended to help you create the ultimate, definitive enhancement to any interior that calls for an individual statement of mood and texture. Finishes without end which are, at the same time, practical and cost effective.

The applications for polished hard plasters are as wide varied as your imagination and include both flat and curved surfaces. Armourcoat is a hand-trowel applied, it is this individual touch that characterizes Polished Plaster and makes it such an exciting and vibrant finish.


Our general range can be divided as follow:

  1. SSA (Spatulata)
    The Spatulata finish is pure luxury. Applied in numerous fine layers and then trowel polished to a glassy surface, it possesses remarkable depth and sheen.

  2. TR (Travertine)
    The travertine finish has a light open texture and a directional quality similar to that of natural travertine stone. The surface has a low sheen, and although applied in just one color appears to have two or three distinctly separate tones running through the surface.

  3. DR (Dragged)
    It is characterized by striations of texture running through the surface to give a strong directional quality. In light neutral colours, the Dragged finish has the appearance of natural stone; in deep tones and subsequently colourwashed, the directional effect is enhanced dramatically.

  4. HSX (Cloudy/Smooth)
    The final appearance of this finish is very dependent on the hand of the individual applicator making it possible to achieve anything from a plain, lightly polished surface to a more highly burred marbleized effect.

  5. PTT (Pitted)
    The rugged, more grainy appearance of the pitted finish combines with a less highly polished surface to create the appearance and feel of honed or lightly polished limestone.

  6. Special Effect


For more details of Armourcoat Polished Plaster products, you are invited to visit their website www.armourcoat.com.
Lezard is the sole agent (HK, Macau and China) of Armourcoat — the world’s renowned European coating manufacturer.

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