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Our Lezard Metal, having the latest technology in creating the look and feel of real metal, is a highly durable coating, hard wearing, both water and chemical resistant, and can adhere to all kind of substrates including wood, plastic, metal, fibrocement, ceramics, concrete, acrylic etc.
Using this technology in combination with our Lezard Stone Sculptural Panel System, we can provide a range of excellent artistic and antique decorative panels. These include nine standard metal finishes: Aluminium (Silver), Brass, Copper, Bronze, Iron, Zinc, Gold, Pewter and Platinum. We can express these metal effects in Modern, Classic, Rusty and Alternative Styles in any size and shape you want. Rather than apply on-site, these can be applied in our factory on pre-fabricated panels, saving a lot of time for on-site work.
Now you can have metal in anywhere you want – from interior to exterior, from feature wall, door, kitchen cabinet and table, up to ceiling area, in any hospitality, residential and commercial projects.

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