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Golden Charm Series

If you like to add more elegant touch in your design, we will highly recommend our Golden Charm series to you.

With our best quality of material in town, the leaf work is carried out by our experience craftsmen, which we always provide you the best of our work.

Apart from our Standard Collection, you can provide us your thoughts which we may create unlimited possibilities that you cannot imagine.

The below are only part of our collection in Golden Charm series, we can show you more effects upon request. If you need specific or tailor made pattern, we are grateful to develop for you.

Our leaf work in Golden Charm can also be developed into wallpaper or canvas. Wallpaper will be very suitable for saving on-site work and timing, and is more economy in cost. While for some area where it is difficult to apply, canvas can be an alternative.

AG Series

Oxidizing is the major challenge for imitated gold leaf work. However, with our AG series, the problem will never be an issue again.

Our AG series was developed by the foremost technology of both Italy and Germany, which can prevent against oxidizing or the color fade-out affected by UV radiation, humidity or unsteady temperature. Color can be adjusted to different level from champagne gold to very rich gold, so that your design concept will not be limited.

Available in different shade and designed patterns, including our most trendy work of LV and Four Seasons, please contact us for more information.

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