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Artistic Paint

All faux finishes are carried out by hand, with the result that each one is absolutely unique, giving the surfaces and objects you use them on a truly personal touch.
Paint and color are among the most popular and potent decorating tools we have. And with the addition of our experience decorative faux techniques, we can produce beautiful and sophisticated textures, or add an illusion of depth and dimension to give your home a unique and professionally designed look.


Armourcolor — The unique decorative wall finishes

Armourcolor is a new division of Armourcoat, the world’s foremost manufacturer of decorative surface finishes. The company is synonymous with stunning, innovative and creative finishes, which continue through to the new range of Armourcolor finishes. Created from an ongoing development programme committed to product innovation and technical excellence, Armourcolor offers a new range of high performance, interior wall finishes.

The Armourcolor range can create the perfect interior for all functional and design requirements, and make ideal wall coatings for commercial and residential use, particularly in high traffic areas. Producing impressive interiors, which combine colour and durability, they add personality to any space.

The collection of Armourcolor as follow:

  1. Perlata — Exquisite and luxurious, Perlata is an elegant finish with a subtle sparkle or shimmer, creating visual texture and directional effect. With a low sheen, the intriguing surface is full of movement and tonal interest. The finish is dependant on the hand of the applicator, creating a unique and visually striking wall coating at close quarters, yet subtle when viewed from a distance. Special Effect created by Lezard Design is available.

  2. Tactite — A high performance solution for demanding interiors, Tactite creates a tough, durable and hygienic wall coating. The finish is exceptionally hardwearing and easy to clean, making it highly suitable for commercial interiors such as hospitals, schools, offices and high traffic public areas where cleanliness is essential. Also ideal for domestic use, Tactite features a ‘soft touch’ feel to create a warm, inviting interior with a suede or textured finish. Special Effect created by Lezard Design is available.

  3. Escenta — Escenta uses light and shade to reveal an array of dramatic textures and tones. Designed with cool and elegant colour combinations, Escenta creates a stunning wall finish where changing light exposes visual highlights within the surface. Unique product properties create a multi-tone effect, which brings drama and interest to any interior. Special Effect created by Lezard Design is available.
Please go to http://www.armourcolor.com or contact us for more details.

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